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Royal Musical Association Approved Affiliation for Music and Mental Health Study Group

The Music and Mental Health Group committee are thrilled to announce our affiliation with the Royal Musical Association (RMA).

As of January 2022, The Music and Mental Health Group are an approved Study Group. This means the committee will co-ordinate events with the RMA in the areas of music and mental health, along with a continuation of running independent online social spaces for community engagement (blogs, stories), study days, and social media (Twitter, Facebook).  

We look forward to the support of the RMA in assisting with benefits to the group, such as financial support, to help ensure our engagement can continue to grow and be effective. Likewise, the Music and Mental Health Group will be published on the RMA Study Group Webpage in the near future, along with having featured blogs and social media campaigns.

To learn more about Study Groups through the RMA, please visit their webpage:

About the Royal Musical Association (RMA):

The RMA is based in the UK with a dedicated focus on the study of music. This includes providing memberships to researchers, students, or professionals in the music sector with the benefit of conferences, publication access, events, and other incentives.

About the Music and Mental Health Group (MMHGroup)

We offer a platform for the promotion and fostering of research and collaboration concerning the interaction of music and mental health. To learn more, check out our ‘about us’ page:

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for our latest updates #MMHGroup


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