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Open Call for Committee Members

Are you passionate about music and mental health? Do you want to make a difference by raising awareness of the mental health crisis? Are you a musician, music student, music scholar, or music enthusiast? Then join the committee/governing board of our Study Group!

We are looking to build a strong committee that works on a volunteer basis.

We are also affiliated with the Royal Musical Association. To learn more about us, please visit:

We are looking for a committee with experience in one or more:

  1. Volunteer work / non-profit
  2. Organising/ hosting conferences
  3. Event planning/ management
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Website management
  6. Blog writing
  7. Communications / secretary
  8. Treasurer / finance
  9. Board members / management committee

Examples of responsibilities include:

  1. Good communication / ensure correspondence
  2. Maintain records
  3. Host / organise committee meetings
  4. Provide advice to the committee
  5. Forward thinking and committed to the group goals
  6. Work collaboratively
  7. Ability to dedicate time

To submit your interest, please let us know more about your interests and skills!


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