Music and Mental Health Group provides the space for music and mental health networking, education, research, and support.

Our Mission

‘Music and Mental Health’ group aims to raise awareness of the mental health crisis among musicians through the prism of music education, creation and performance.

Who we are

We offer a platform for the promotion and fostering of research and collaboration concerning the interaction of music and mental health. We provide a safe space for the exchange of experiences and stories, and an evolving database of Mental Health resources.

What we do

We promote inclusivity and diversity, addressing music practitioners, scholars, and students of all backgrounds. In particular, groups currently at risk. We pay special attention to non-affiliated and freelance individuals as well as immigrants and non-UK students and musicians.

Our history

The ‘Music and Mental Health’ group was founded during the pandemic-related lockdowns as a reaction to the growing urgency of Mental Health crisis in the society and in particular within the education system. The group rapidly attracted supporters from various demographics, including representatives of MusicHE, staff and students at Music departments, composers and performers.

Our committee

The steering committee currently includes the following:

Dr Michelle Assay: Chair

Niamh Gibbs: Digital Officer

Dr Ellen Falconer: Communication officer

Prof. Camden Reeves & Jim Aitchison: Composers’ and creative coordinators

Prof. Michelle Philips: Music HE coordinator

Dr. Catherine Haworth: Academic liaison

Dr. Nuria Bonet: Research and training officer

Dr. Xenia Pestova Bennett: Holistic therapies coordinator

Michael Durrant: Healthy Conservatoires liaison

Barbora Vacková: Students representative

Megan Steinberg: Events coordinator

Dr. George Musgrave: Research coordinator

The Music and Mental Health Group holds a Study Group Affiliation with the RMA. To learn more please visit: https://www.rma.ac.uk/

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